Short but Sweet

Lost a pound this week!  That takes care of the .6 gain last week with a little extra!

Today loss after 3 months of WW? 15.4 lbs!  Gone from being 193.6 lbs to 178.2 lbs!

3 months may sound like an eternity but DAMN did the time go by FAST!!!!   I feel like I started this up a few days ago sometimes.  And 15.4 may not sound like a TON of weight but it’s quite noticeable (at least for me, which is what matters haha).  It feels so good to be able to buy medium (and sometimes SMALL) slim-fit tees again.  It’s even better going to the mall without feeling like I’m going to cry because everything’s too small for me.

Time to run out for a bit to buy a top for an engagement party I’m attending today…I love doing things last-minute!


One response to “Short but Sweet

  1. yay! congrats that’s so awesome! Have fun at the party, you earned it!!

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