Early Bird

Apologizes for not posting sooner.   I was actually out of town all weekend for a lovely wedding in Bloomsburg, PA and didn’t get home till lateish on Sunday.

Since I knew I’d be out of town, I had to weigh in on Thursday at 6pm vs. the usual Saturday at 11am.  I was ready for a gain.  In fact, the WW weigh-in woman (who was also the meeting leader) said that it would be normal since I was weighing in a couple days early and at night (we are lighter in the morning).  I also got a little wacky on Memorial Day with food so was definitely expecting the worst.

Instead, I lost 1.2 lbs!  I’m at a total loss of 16.6 lbs and now weigh 177 lbs!  Also am just a mere 3 lbs away from my 10% weight loss milestone!

My main concern about weigh-in in a couple days is that I really REALLY went off the deep end this weekend.  I had an awesome wedding to attend so we spent the entire weekend away eating and drinking.  I know that “off the deep end” for me now is much different from “off the deep end” a few months ago but I’m still worried that I gained hard.  What sucks even more is that I have to attend an early meeting again this weekend.  I’ve been pretty good since I got back but it may be too little too late this week.

I just have to keep on doing my thing and staying on track.  I’ll see on Thursday how I am weight wise and move on from there.

In other news, I can fit back into clothes from Forever 21!  I’m also back to a size Medium in Old Navy stuff.  In fact, I tried on a tank top at ON in Medium and it was actually too big!  I remember not too long ago I was upset that their clothes were getting smaller (hahaha) but now that I lost some weight, things are fitting like they used to (if not better). I’ve been wearing clothes that used to be small on me again without an issue, too.  Like these pink sweat capris from Target from the juniors section I’m wearing.  They’re a size medium and barely covered my ass before (they were a couple bucks on clearance and I didn’t bother trying them on).  Now they’re perfect with a little wiggle room!

Insane how a few lbs are making such a huge difference for me physically and mentally.  So happy!


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