I Hate My Hungry Days

Yeahhhh that subject line is totally a homage to my favorite band Stabbing Westward (from the song “Darkest Days” off the album with the same name!) .  But it’s true!

Today for some mysterious reason, my body felt so weak and hungry.  I ate the things I normally do while at work and didn’t do anything extra stressful or strenuous but yet I was starving.

It hit me around 1:45ish (a good hour and 15 after my turkey sandwich lunch).  I was sitting at my desk and BAM!  Total starvation.  NO clue why or how it happened.  To add insult to injury, I wasn’t properly armed with adequate snacks at my desk.

Before I was starving, I was craving a Snickers bar.  When the hungries kicked in, I wanted one more than ever.  I tried to squash the craving with some Wasa crisp crackers (the only food left at my desk) and a string cheese (the only food I had left in the fridge) but failed miserably.  I gave in to my temptation and got a Snickers downstairs for the ball-busting price of $1.

Old Gina would have gobbled that bad boy up and fell asleep.  But New Gina did things differently.  Instead of devouring it, I took small bites and savored each one.  After 2 bites, I’d put the bar down away from me and do some work.  It didn’t take too long for me to eat the entire thing (probably 10-15 minutes) but it took a lot longer than it used to (3-5 minutes, which is probably the average time for most).

Although I don’t regret it and am SO glad to have had it today vs. letting it manifest into some crazy craving later in the week, I am REALLY bummed about the Points value on it.  **drumroll** 1 average sized Snickers bar is a whopping 7 POINTS!!!! Unbelievable!  Do you know what you can HAVE for 7 Points?!?!?

To put it into perspective, one can have the following meals for 7 Points vs. just 1 Snickers bar:

-1 large slice of pizza (like a BIG one!) or 1 average slice of pizza with a meat topping
-1 grilled chicken sandwich from a fast food joint (sans mayo)
-4 falafel patties
-2 scrambled eggs with a slice of regular cheese
-1 fast food cheeseburger on a bun (sans mayo)

ANY of those options trump the Snickers to me because they are so much bigger and filling.  Then again, if you really want it, go for it.  I just like putting Points into perspective.  Hey…That may be a cool weekly post to do!  Thoughts?


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