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Half Marathon!

Last Saturday, I decided to do something I’ve never done before.

I signed up to train for a half marathon!

My friend posted on her Facebook that she signed up for a half marathon training group in Montclair.  Intrigued, I went to the training website and read up.  12 weeks of training, seminars, and advice leading up to the Long Branch Half Marathon on May 1st.  The program sounded easy to follow, fun, and doable.

The issue?  Registration was closing the next day and they only had 4 slots left!

That night, I ran into said friend at a party and told her that I was interested in training, too.  She told me all about the program and how excellent past training programs with the shop (Fleet Feet) were.  She (along with other partygoers) were extremely encouraging, which led me to doing the craziest thing I’ve done in awhile.

I got home around 2am and (still half-drunk from the party I came from) signed up for the half marathon training program online.

First training session was yesterday and it went extremely well!  I was ridiculously nervous about this day but honestly had nothing to worry about.  Everyone is so nice and super encouraging!  Definitely the best group of people to surround yourself with when training.

50 people are in this training group and we’re all split into groups (hardcore runners, joggers, and walk/jog combo).  I decided to go with the walk/jog group because I didn’t want to kill myself right off the bat.

I haven’t done any sort of serious fitness outside in ages and the outdoors proved to me that I’m not as fit or speedy as I may be in the gym!  I was actually the second to last person to finish our 3 mile loop!  But whatever…It honestly didn’t bother me because I had an incredible time, was done in about an hour and felt amazing.  I sadly have to miss out on tomorrow’s night run but am going to train indoors until then (unless we have a strangely warm and bright night).

I’ll be doing 2 outdoor trainings a week with Fleet Feet.  1 short training on Tuesday nights and 1 long training on Sunday mornings.  In between training sessions, I have an exercise schedule to follow to help me build up my stamina and continually train.  The training group’s also having seminars every so often to attend about wellness and nutrition.

It’s only Monday but I’m already looking forward to our Sunday morning session.  Can’t wait to share more about this crazy awesome challenge with you all!

Oh and BTW I lost another pound so I’m now at 162.4.  WOOO!


Obesity? GONE!

So again I’ve fallen off with blogging. Last update was on December 1st!

Anthony and I are still doing WW together (it’ll be a year in about a month) and chuggin’ along.

I have some awesome news to share which is probably why I’m so inclined to blog today…


As of today, I am down 30.2 lbs!!!!
I’ve gone from 193 lbs to 163 lbs in about 11 months on MY own terms without sacrificing everything I love!

And the best news of all? I am officially NOT OBESE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting BMI at 193 lbs? 34.2 (NOTE: A score of 30+ is obese for me)
Current BMI at 163 lbs? 28.9 (NOTE: A score between 25-29.9 is overweight for me)
Source: BMI Calculator on Mayo Clinic

Getting down below 165 is great…But conquering obesity? A HUGE deal (no pun intended there)!  Once I hit 140, I will be in the normal range for my height.  My current goal right now with WW is 135 but I’m thinking that it may go a lower as time goes on.  We’ll see!

I know that I never “looked” obese to many of you readers. Any time I’d tell someone my weight and/or mention that I was technically considered obese, I heard a lot of “You do NOT look like your weight!” and “You’re not obese!!” comments. Granted, that’s nice to hear but it didn’t change the facts…That I WAS 193 lbs and WAS obese.

Damn even I was shocked when I discovered I was obese!  I remember doing the BMI test and denying it.  “No…This can’t be right…I’m chubby…I’m big…but I’m NOT OBESE!”

When I shared my 2 pieces of awesome news with my WW crew this morning, I got 2 huge rounds of applause.  It was a cool feeling!  I love that I can share my stories and struggles with an amazing group of like-minded people at WW along with my loved ones.  Can’t beat 2 awesome support groups

Still Here!

I hope you all didn’t think I gave up!  I just suck at updating this blog is all. I am going to try my best to update more frequently instead of leaving it for months at a time.  It’s just tough to come home after 8+ hours on a computer at a desk for work to hop onto a computer at home for fun.

I actually just busted through a massive (and sucky) plateau that was discouraging me for the past few months.  As of right now (38 weeks in), I am down 27.2 lbs from 193.6 to 166.4.

My plateau lasted for a good 3 months.  Every week was disappointing at WW.  Up a little.  Down a little.  Up a lot.  Down a little.  And at that time, I was only down about 20 pounds.  You can’t imagine the frustration and anger I felt during those months when I saw zero progress no matter how hard I tried!!

Then one day, it ended.

I started a new job about a month ago and it really kick started my weight loss and pushed me past the plateau.  I’m moving a whole lot more (the office is giant), eating on a more “normal” schedule and eating less (but staying full) thanks to actually being busy.

The first week at the new job was tough and a bit stressful because of all the new information being thrown at me.  Because I was so overwhelmed and busy, I wasn’t eating.  I ended up losing 3 lbs after my first week!!  Sure that sounds great but since I knew WHY I lost the 3 lbs, I wasn’t too happy about it.  I figured by the next week, I’d be back to gaining.  Sure enough, I was up by 1.6 lbs the next week.  I knew why this happened (I was eating again) so I didn’t beat myself up over it.

Now that I was all “balanced” out again with a big loss and a big gain, I figured that I’d be back on my plateau of little losses and gains.


In the past 3 weeks, I lost 5 lbs!  I wasn’t able to lose 5 lbs in 3 MONTHS not too long ago due my plateau!

The reason this makes me so happy is because last time I did WW (back in 2007, when my starting weight was right around my current weight), I gave up after my 3 month membership ran out.  As much as I told people that I was “happy” with where I was, it was a lie.  I basically just gave up because I was starting to plateau.  And I was only plateauing for a month back then when I threw in the towel! This time it was THREE MONTHS but I pressed on.

I know I would have given up by now if I was doing this alone again.  Thanks to my wonderful and caring boyfriend Anthony (who is down 20 lbs!) for keeping me on track even when I wanted to give up.  He told me recently that I keep him from giving up, too, which made me so happy to hear.

I’m also thankful for my WW meeting buddies.  Everyone at my weekly meetings (especially Sandy, who leads the meetings) is so helpful and inspiring.  Everyone helps each other out and supports one another all the time…How cool is that?!

And finally, thanks to YOU ALL for reading and being so supportive!  I had no idea that my friends and family would read, comment and be inspired by this blog at all!  Knowing that you are here and rooting for me makes me never want to stop.

That’s about it from me for now, really.  I’ll post shorter/more fun entries soon!

Why Can’t I Be You?

I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog in 2 weeks. EEK!  I really need to get on a stricter schedule…

Last week I lost another .4, bringing my total loss to 20.8 lbs.

Even though ANY loss is a victory, I felt like I was hitting a wall with WW. Things were becoming routine.  Not boring.  Just…Blah.  Nothing really new was happening.  I was eating the same foods and knew Points values by heart for most of my meals.  It got to the point where I wasn’t writing foods down at all!  I was doing Points in my head (which is pretty normal for some people I discovered) and tallying it all up at the end of the day because I was so lazy/confident that I was doing OK.

And I was right.  I WAS doing OK and the program was STILL working but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted anymore.

Along with that, I’ve been feeling lazy about WW lately.  I’m at the point where I look good in pics, get complimented on my appearance, and feel much more secure in my skin that I’m like, “Why bother with this shit? I’m good now!”

I brought it up at the meeting and got a firm kick in the ass from a woman who I see there all the time.  She’s like a one woman version of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show.  When she speaks up at meetings, she can be a bit harsh and even a little rude, so I was scared when she volunteered to give me some advice.  She went on to joke about how “smug” I was at the last meeting when talking about lost 20 lbs and looking at photos from a few months ago to now and being amazed at the difference.  She suggested I use the photos to keep pushing me.  When I told her that the pics weren’t doing it for me anymore, she offered me even better advice.

She said that years ago at her old WW meeting place, her meeting leader brought in a funhouse mirror that makes you look thin.  Not a mirror that grossly distorts how you look (big head/out of proportion) but a mirror that actually shows you what you look like skinny.

“The problem is that we have NO clue what we look like skinny!” she said, which is why it makes it so hard to keep pushing.  But one look in that mirror and she was back on track.

Not really sure why her words of advice helped me so much this week (NOTE:  I did not buy a funhouse mirror) but it was that firm kick in the ass I needed.

Her jokingly talking about how I sounded at the last meeting made me see that there are people out there that wish they were me when it comes to weight loss (and beyond, too).  It’s insane to think that some would kill for my current figure, good habits, weekly losses, whatever!

Why was somebody basically saying,”I WISH I could lose like you!” so motivating this week?  Maybe because I never felt like anyone would want to be me.  I always felt like the person you did NOT want to be like.  Kinda like Goofus and Gallant of the Highlights magazines.  No sane person wants to be a Goofus (that dude’s a prick)…Everybody wants to be nice like Gallant (even though he’s a bit of a kiss ass).   But I was wrong.  Crazy as it is for me to think, realize (and type) but there ARE traits I have that others desire.  And that is pretty damn cool.

I used this little revelation to my advantage this week and really pushed myself to have a good week.  And I did!  I didn’t weigh in yet but I did things I never thought I’d ever be capable of.  Like resisting a slice of freshly baked apple pie that my boss brought in even though I had the Points/craving for it.  And going to the gym to do a real work out on a Sunday when I could’ve been lounging.

It took me 26 years to discover that we are all a little insecure, sometimes unsure, and always want what we can’t or don’t have.  I’m not the only one.  Care to share your feelings about this?  Would love to hear you out!


I learned that…

-I can put on/pull off my size 12 skinny jeans without opening the fly or unbuttoning the top

-My belt that used to barely make it to the first hole can now comfortably fit me at hole #3 (out of 5)

-I can wear a men’s size small teeshirt and still have tons of length/room in it

-In 9 lbs, I will not be considered “obese” anymore (according to the standard BMI calculator)

Hoping for a great weigh-in day on Saturday!

Small Loss is Better Than a Gain Anyday!

Lost .2 lbs this past week.  It may not sound like a big accomplishment but after the week I had, it was incredible that I didn’t gain all the weight I lost back.  Bagels, 4th of July, gym slacking, boozing and eating hard the night before weigh-in, and going over Points basically every day usually equals a major gain.  I guess my “bad behavior” wasn’t as bad as I thought. Excellent!

Back on track this week and doing well.  We had a big dinner and Rita’s Gelati ices tonight but that’s about as major as it’s gonna get this week.

I have a ton of ideas for entries but honestly haven’t had the time (or usual drive) to get it all down.  I swear I will, though!! Stick with me, please!

Hit 10%!

I hit my 10% weight loss goal!  What that means is that I lost 10% of my starting body weight.  Insaaane!

I needed to lose 1.4 lbs to hit it but lost 1.8 lbs instead.  AWESOME!

To add to my happiness, Anthony lost 4 lbs this week and hit his 5% weight loss goal!  YAY!

It was so cool to celebrate together during the meeting.  Anthony got his 5% sticker and I got my 10% keychain.  Check it out below (along with my 16 week charm and gym membership all on my keychain):

And it looks like a little 10
10% joins my 16 week charm & my gym membership

I am so happy that our hard work is continuing to pay off.  I’m at 174.2 lbs and a mere .6 lbs away from losing 20 lbs!

What an awesome way to start off the 4th of July holiday weekend!  Enjoy yourselves and thanks for the support/reading!