3 Saturdays ago, I did my standard long run with some of my runner gals throughout Montclair.  7 miles on a new route that was kind of hilly but a lot of fun.  I felt fine and went out my day like normal afterwards.

That night at a local concert, the arch in my left foot started to hurt.

I figured it was just from being on my feet for too long that day and wearing sneakers with next to no support to the show.

The pain continued throughout the week, getting worse somedays but subsiding on others. I RICE’d every night, wore flats with arch supporting inserts, and even used a medical foot cream for relief.

It all seemed to be working, but my foot never got to that 100% mark.

At the 2 week mark, it still hurt.  And to make matters worse, the pain seemed to be moving all over the place from my arch, to my inner ankle, even to my heel.  I tried booking an appointment with a doctor as soon as I could during the week but all of the recommendations I received didn’t take my insurance or were not in the office that week. I had to wait another week until I could see someone, which finally happened today.

The doctor I saw (who was fantastic and part of a foot & ankle group in Parsippany my mom recommended to me) asked me some questions, pressed on some areas of my foot, and knew exactly what it was.  Before giving me a formal diagnosis, he took some X-rays of my foot just in case and (thankfully) didn’t find any tears, bone fractures, or anything serious.

My diagnosis? Tendinitis.

Basically, what happened to me was this: I somehow injured my heel (this was probably the initial injury from 3 weeks ago after my run).  Sub-consciously, I started walking differently to relieve the pain (which is very true but I didn’t realize just HOW much I changed my walking style).  And the change I made in my walking irritated tendons & ligaments in my foot (thus explaining the shifting of the pain).

He said this type of injury is a preventative injury, which could have been prevented if I did more of something very important: STRETCH.  Chances are, if I stretched more, this wouldn’t have happened.  But I can’t go back in time so I just have to deal with the consequences.

And the consequences (although not as bad as they could be) kind of suck.

4 weeks of immobilization in an air boot.

I have a follow up with the doctor in a month to see how my foot is.  According to the doctor, based on my history I should be fine after this month to run and do all the things I love without any issues.

I know this isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.  But I still came home and cried like a baby to Anthony.  My biggest concern was the Philly Half Marathon in late November.  I can’t run until the beginning of November, which only leaves me 2 weeks before the marathon to “train.”  And by then, I’ll be 2 months behind on training.  I honestly don’t want to run such a long distance so quickly after being given a clean bill of health so I may end up selling my entry.  It sucks…But I’d much rather give up 1 race to ensure that I can run (and race) for the rest of my life.

My boot (AKA das boot!) is actually pretty sweet looking.  A pain in the ass to walk in, but definitely pretty metal.  I’m going to decorate it later this weekend/week to make it even more badass.  I realized that many of my work shoes are the same height as das boot so I don’t have to worry about looking like a total chump at the office.  I even treated myself to a pair of knee high boots that are the same height as das boot!

As much as this may suck and as much as it breaks my heart to be away from running for THIS long, I’m staying positive.  I know this is for the best and that everything will be OK.   I just need to follow the doctor’s orders and stay positive.

It’s only day 1 but I’ve learned a whole lot already like:

-People can be REALLY rude! I was hobbling around trying to get used to my boot today and was almost mowed over NUMEROUS times by people in a rush to grab things at the supermarket.  It was honestly unbelievable!  At one point, I pulled my pantleg up so people could see the boot with the hopes of them being a little more patient with my hobbling…But no dice.  Ridiculous…

-Anthony is REALLY patient!  This I knew already, but today he’s surely proven it to me.  I love him for that ❤

-I’m going to miss my skinny jeans this month.  What sucks most of all is that I have a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans I’ve been trying to fit into for YEARS now that FINALLY fit me PERFECTLY and I can’t wear them because das boot is too big.  Oh well…Next month for sure.  Happy I have a wide variety of skirts for work and wide leg jeans for Friday – Sunday.  Perhaps I’ll invest in some opaque leggings as well?

I’d like to try and document my daily happenings with das boot here but we’ll see what happens.  Can’t make any promises!


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