The Elusive 8

For the majority of my life (and by life, I mean starting in high school), I’ve been a size 8.

I maintained my 8 status up until I turned 21, when weekly drunkfests were the norm.  With the binge drunkies came the binge eating at all hours of the night to “soak up” all that alcohol.  Put it all together and you get quite a few pounds creeping up by the time I graduated college.  By May 2006, I was a size 10/12.

After college, I got a grown up job at a big firm where leftover cookies, cakes, sandwiches, and other treats were always up for the snatching.  I sucked down every freebie I could find (hungry or not) and gained even more weight, creeping up to a solid size 12/large in most clothes.

I got annoyed with the gains and in March 2007, did Weight Watchers Online on my own.  I stopped in June 2007 once my 3 month membership was up and because I felt like I could handle it on my own.  In those 3 months, I lost 20 lbs., down from 165 to 145.  I was a size 8 again, too!  I followed the program pretty damn closely (rarely going too buck wild on my free days), which is probably why I was able to lose so much in such a short amount of time.

145 wasn’t my goal…My goal was 135 or 125 (depending on the day) but I was stuck on a plateau and didn’t give myself nearly enough time to break through it.  Instead of sticking with the plan, I threw in the towel and said “OK I’m pretty cool with where I am…Now I can eat normally!”  I ate normally (no tracking, eating things I sacrificed) and was able to keep the weight off for a year.

Then I started dating someone I was crazy about.  He was crazy for me, too, so I began to majorly slack on my good eating habits.  Huge dinners and tons of drinks were the norm.  And since he lived a good distance away, our time together was limited.  Any free time that was spent doing the gym and/or being active was spent eating/drinking/lounging with him.

During our time together, I lost 2 full-time jobs (sucky economy….it happens).  This not only made me extremely emotional but also extremely bored.  Guess what I did to fill the void?  Much cooking, feasting, and drinking.

We broke up in November 2008.  As the dust settled, I realized that I gained ALL 20 lbs back and then some during our 9 months together.  And I was back to being a size 12 again.  Still jobless and depressed, I continued with my poor habits.

I started dating Anthony in January 2009 while he was on Weight Watchers.  I saw how well he was doing and decided to do it with him.  I lost here and there but didn’t stick with it for very long.  Soon after, he stopped doing WW and we both did our own thing with food.

During our first year together, we went out a whole lot and didn’t eat the best things in the world.  I soon was closer to a size 14 in pants and preferred wearing size 14 because those were my most comfortable pants.  The size 12 pants fit but were uncomfortable and didn’t look too flattering.

Around the end of February, I had a meltdown (see first entry) and we started Weight Watchers together.  I didn’t have a weight loss goal in mind but did want to be a single-digit size again.  It wasn’t a goal; just a desire.  One of those, “Gee, it would be SUPER awesome to be back in the single-digits again!” thoughts that I kept in the back of my mind.

With all of that said, I have some exciting news to share.


I’ve been in between sizes for awhile now but can comfortably say that I am an 8 as of now.  Sure, some of the size 8 pants are still a bit too tight but every designer cuts their pants differently.  The vast majority of the time, I’m fitting nicely into size 8 items (pants, shorts, jeans, dresses, etc).

I made this realization on Wednesday night at Marshall’s.  As I was walking to the fitting rooms to try on a tank top, I spotted a pair of dressy navy blue shorts in the Junior’s department hanging on the end of an aisle of clothes.  I saw they were size 8 and decided to humor myself.  They looked a bit short for my tastes and were in the Junior’s section so I wasn’t expecting them to fit.  I just wanted to see what would happen.

Shockingly enough, they fit me perfectly AND weren’t too short at all!  Photo proof is below (along with the tank top):

Size 8 shorts with a medium tank top











Even though I didn’t need a pair of navy shorts, I bought them (along with the tank) as a symbol of my weight loss success.  Not only do they fit, but they fit me nicely and I feel ridiculously confident in them.  And that doesn’t happen to me very often !

Today I went to the mall and wandered into the Gap to see what was on clearance.  I found a pair of jeans that were short and straight leg style but were a size 6.  I know the Gap’s sizes tend to run big but I wasn’t sure HOW big (especially since they were the straight leg type, which  tend to run small everywhere you go).  Again, I took a fitting room risk and tried them on.

And again, THEY FIT ME PERFECTLY!  Photo proof:

Size 6! AHHHHH! Also rockin' my once too-tiny Mastodon tee scored at the Salvation Army for 99 cents!












I’m not the biggest fan of the wash style on these (lots of those “worn in” crease lines) but they fit me like a glove.  It was destiny so once again, I made a symbolic purchase.  I plan on wearing these to my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow to show everyone that this DOES in fact WORK!

I am so beyond happy that I am FINALLY back in single-digit sized clothing.  Granted, it’s not the reason I decided to lose weight in the first place (and I highly doubted that I’d EVER get back to single-digits to BEGIN with!) but it’s a truly awesome benefit for sure.


2 responses to “The Elusive 8

  1. vinnie & Nora

    Gina, Gina, this is AMAZING!!! My clothes wouldn’t even fit you, I pray to be a 6 again! You look FANTASTIC!! We are soooooooo proud of you!! Have a Great weekend!! Love you, Nora & Dad.

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