4 Months Later and Still Rockin

Ugh…Another huge chunk of time with no updates.  Life can really get in the way.

Since my last update, I’ve lost an additional 8 lbs, putting me at a weight of 155 and bringing my total lbs down to 38.5 or so!  I’ve had a few people tell me it’s a lot of weight and also had some tell me to stop…But honestly, I’m not ready to.  I can’t, anyhow… I’m still 10 lbs away from even scratching the surface of my “normal” weight/BMI!!!!!

Eating right has been the hardest thing for me lately because I’ve been exercising on a regular basis (more on this later).  Since I’m now more active than I’ve ever been, I can afford to slack on my eating habits and still lose weight.  Even though I said I’d get better about tracking/eating better (to see even BETTER losses), it’s tough to do.  When you can have your cake and eat it, too, it’s hard to give up.  I’m trying, though.  And I’m trying harder by getting better at planning meals in advance.  This is the first serious week of meals being planned and executed in awhile and so far, so good.  I hope this helps my progress and also helps Ant get out of his rut!

OK so exercise.  Since I began half marathon training, I’ve officially become a runner because I love it.  No I don’t run 5 minute miles.  No I don’t run every day.  No I don’t run in extreme conditions.  I run a nice 12 minute mile that makes me sweat.  Ideally, 3-4 times a week is good for me but sometimes it can be more OR less.  And I run outside when it’s nice outside (though I have run in extreme heat and it’s not as bad as it sounds).

I met some of the most amazing, strong, wonderful, kind,  and inspiring people in the half marathon group I trained with.  They’re not just my running buddies, either…They’re my friends!  We all pounded the pavement with one another during training and learned just how strong we all were at the Long Branch Half Marathon in May (which I’ll formally document along with my other races in a separate entry).  And after the half, we all continued to (and still do!) run together.  I’m so thankful!!!!!!!!!

Something else fitness-related I’m obsessed with now?


I did my 3rd class today and still adore it.  I paid a little extra for my gym membership this month to try out 4 sessions and am so happy I did.  The class is addicting!!!!!  Again, this will probably need a separate entry…I need to properly express the love I have for spinning in general and Marcus, the spin instructor (who is now rocking a buzzed down platinum mohawk).

So that’s not all from me…More to  come soon! Thanks for reading 🙂


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