(Almost) 1 Year Deep

Tomorrow (Feb 27) is my 1 yr WW Anniversary.

And although I didn’t lose as much as I had hoped for in this amount of time, I am still really proud of myself for the weight I DID lose.  31 pounds so far!

It doesn’t even feel like a year has gone by, which goes to show that time truly does fly.  I remember in the past sitting around and thinking to myself, “If I only changed my habits last year like I said I would…I wouldn’t be looking or feeling this crappy!” And now I can FINALLY say, “I DID change my habits a year ago and I now look and feel amazing about it!  And I’m going to keep it up because this is my new and awesome lifestyle!”

The funny part is that I really didn’t sacrifice much to lose the weight.  Small adjustments to portions and food choices were key.  Also key?  Truly listening to my body and learning my hunger/fullness signals.  All of these things are now part of me and second nature.

It may not be the quickest way to lose weight, but (to me) WW is the best way to lose.  I am living a normal life all while losing weight (and successfully keeping it off).

In half marathon news, the training’s going extremely well.  Tomorrow I do 6 miles!  Last Sunday I did 5 miles in an hour and 15 minutes.  And the week before I did 4 miles in about an hour.  With the pace I’m rockin’ right now, I can finish the half marathon in the allotted 3.5 hours.  The speed will come in time.  My 3 goals for this half marathon are:

  • Finish the half marathon
  • Not die or feel as if I’m going to die at the end of the half marathon
  • Finish the half marathon in 3 hours or less

I got a sweet new pair of running shoes (Brooks) that I’m looking forward to really testing out tomorrow.  I’ve been using them for my treadmill workouts but haven’t had a chance to use them outside yet.  So far they’ve been great!  I also FINALLY got myself a workout watch that beeps every time I’m done with an interval.  Can’t wait to truly test everything out tomorrow AM!

What’s also cool about this training is that I’ve been able to be a little looser about my eating habits.  I haven’t been tracking my food like I should’ve been for the past 2 weeks yet was down 0.8 each week.  This made me think to myself, “I”m losing all while kind of eating like crap…Can you imagine the losses I’m going to see when I truly get back ON the WW horse?!” I’ll keep you posted about this theory.


One response to “(Almost) 1 Year Deep

  1. Great job, but please don’t “die” for the marathon, LOL!

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