Up Up Up

Went up by 1.8 lbs. This is disappointing to me because last week I went to the gym for some hard cardio after a month off and because I actually updated my blog!

I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.

It was a tough week food-wise and I’m not shocked I gained. There was something called Pie Day at my job that Friday before weigh-in and that may have had something to do with the extra pounds. Pies, cider, cookies, cakes, and treats all around for all to share. I definitely had a little but absolutely not as much as I would have pre-WW. So even though I gained, it was still a good week just for that accomplishment.

Anybody have any tips on what to eat before and after a workout? I feel like any time I start working out, I want to eat EVERYTHING (makes sense since I’m burning calories).

PS Thanks to some awesome friends for leaving me positive comments on Facebook about my last entry! šŸ™‚ Much appreciated!


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