Falling Off?

Up by .4 last week at weigh-in.  Even though I had a good week, the scale didn’t reflect that.  I know I shouldn’t let the number dictate whether or not my week was good but it’s tough to not be bothered by a higher number when I worked so hard to make it lower.

I’ve been finding it harder and harder to stick to plan lately.  Maybe it’s summertime doing this to me.  Cravings for ice cream (REAL effing ice cream!), booze (I’m lookin’ at you, margaritas!), and snacky foods (again, none of that baked stuff…Deep fried chips and yum yums) have been hitting me hard thanks to the weather and get-togethers. I’ve been trying to keep all of these temptations at an arm’s length but have been giving into them much more than I used to…or should be.

Motivation to work out is also at an all-time low.  Even though it feels so good to work out and I enjoy how it makes me feel, I’m still finding it tough to get back into the gym and work my fitness.

I’m nervous about my meeting on Saturday.  I doubt I’m going to see a happy number this week.  The numbers I have been seeing lately are either really small less than 1 pound losses or small gains.

I think I may have hit the dreaded plateau.

It happens to everyone while losing weight (from what I understand) and can really suck.  Sometimes they last for a few weeks.  Other times, they last for months.  Eventually, you drop, but the waiting game is the worst.  Imagine doing everything right for weeks and seeing no results.  The definition of frustrating it you ask me!

Any suggestions as to how I can get out of this funk?


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