Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Not only is it the name of an awesome band, but today’s subject is an idea for a blog post I had a little while ago.

Does it offend you when people bring their own food to a function you are holding?  I’m just curious about everybody’s feelings on the topics.  I can see some people not minding but others being insulted if I were to bring my own eats.

Anthony and I bring our own main meals to certain parties because we know that most of the food being offered isn’t too WW friendly.  Not like we make ourselves a meal and eat only that or make a big stink about it (no way!).  We’ll bring Boca burgers, fat free hot dogs, and chicken burgers over to BBQs to avoid screwing our week up in one day.

I  try to compare our BYOFing to other special diets/lifestyles like veganism, vegetarianism, and the like.  When I do that, it makes bringing food to events not seem so weird or insulting.  So far, so good.

At times, I find that I get a little embarrassed about it.  Going to the grill master with a little baggie of greyish patties and whispering about how to prepare them can do that to me.  Not only can it be a little embarrassing, but it can also make me envy anyone who can/does eat whatever.  Boca burgers and fat free hot dogs really aren’t that bad, but when I see them sizzling on a grill next to behemoth cheeseburgers and Nathans foot longs…It can really make me mad.

But…I keep myself in check.  I know that it’s what I need to do to better myself.  Maybe permanently.  Maybe not.  But it must be done so that I can reach my ultimate goals.


2 responses to “Does It Offend You, Yeah?

  1. Vinnie Cappiello

    never be embarested for doing what’s best for you. Also, any friend wouldn’t be upset for BYOing, they should encourage you! Love ya

  2. So far we haven’t gotten any questions/attitudes about it (probably bc we only have done it at Anthony’s family functions) but you’re right…A true friend shouldn’t be insulted by it

    Thanks for the support, Dad! We appreciate it tons! Love you!

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