Hit 10%!

I hit my 10% weight loss goal!  What that means is that I lost 10% of my starting body weight.  Insaaane!

I needed to lose 1.4 lbs to hit it but lost 1.8 lbs instead.  AWESOME!

To add to my happiness, Anthony lost 4 lbs this week and hit his 5% weight loss goal!  YAY!

It was so cool to celebrate together during the meeting.  Anthony got his 5% sticker and I got my 10% keychain.  Check it out below (along with my 16 week charm and gym membership all on my keychain):

And it looks like a little 10
10% joins my 16 week charm & my gym membership

I am so happy that our hard work is continuing to pay off.  I’m at 174.2 lbs and a mere .6 lbs away from losing 20 lbs!

What an awesome way to start off the 4th of July holiday weekend!  Enjoy yourselves and thanks for the support/reading!


One response to “Hit 10%!

  1. Great job for you both! We love you guys, Dad & Nora

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