So Close to 10%

The time blew by yet again and I’ve slacked on my blogging responsibilities.  My bad.

Since we last chatted, I lost another 2 lbs, bringing me to 176 lbs.  In 1.4 lbs, I’ll hit my 10% weight loss goal.  What does that mean?  It’ll mean that I lost 10% of my starting weight and brings me closer to the 20 lbs mark.  YAY!

I did some WW reflecting with Anthony tonight and couldn’t believe that just a few months ago I weighed 193 lbs.  Effing insane!

I was trying to write more out for this entry since I haven’t been here in awhile but it’s late and nothing’s coming out right.  Oh well.  Now that I FINALLY got a new computer, expect more updates from here here!  Till next weigh in!

Oh and before I go…Here’s a little before and after shot of Ant and I so far:

the before

Before (February 2010)

Progress so far! (June 2010)


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