MAJAH Gain with a MAJAH Success!

Up by 1.5 lbs this week after weighing in on Thursday.  Although I expected it (wedding all weekend filled with food and boozin), I still got upset that I gained THAT much.  It also didn’t help that the Thursday meeting I attended was packed with people that had real successful weeks.  Not like I want people to fail, but it’s always so discouraging to be surrounded by people getting it done when you’re struggling.

I wrote that paragraph above on Friday.  Although I’m upset that I gained, I’m happy about a mega accomplishment…*drumroll*

I fit nicely into 2 pairs of pants I bought from American Eagle (1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of grey slacks) that are a size 10!!!!

I got the pants from there probably 2 years ago, when I was convinced that I’d magically lose weight by wishing for it.  They’ve been sitting my old dresser at my parents place ever since.  My Mom called me last week and asked if she could just buy the pants from me so I wouldn’t have to look at them again but I told her no because I had a good feeling about my weight loss.

I went home on Friday for my little sister’s high school graduation and ended up trying the pants on Saturday morning.  I was happy that they came up to my waist (unlike the other times I’ve tried them on!) and was even happier that both AE pants buttoned without much of a fight (unless you consider one pull a fight).  Granted, the jeans were pretty snug but they weren’t cutting off circulation and ready to rip so I consider that a fit.  After wearing them for a few hours, they felt much looser, broken in, and comfortable, too.  SUCCESS!

It’s one thing to fit into smaller shirts again but to comfortably wear a size (or two!) smaller in 2 pairs of pants from a store that cuts their clothes small to begin with?!?!  Incredible!  What a great feeling!

It’s so great that I’m probably going to pack up some of my baggier size 12 and 14 jeans.  Out of sight, out of mind…And off my body.  When I keep wearing my “before” clothes, I tend to think I’m even  smaller and let myself go.  Then when the “before” clothes turn back into the “current” clothes,  I blame some magical power for it.  If I get rid of my bigger clothes (or at least pack them up), it’ll keep me from making excuses.  It’ll keep me from giving up and slacking off.  In other words, wearing the stuff that fits now vs. the baggy stuff from before will keep me in the right WW mindset.  Strange how that works.  Anybody else experience that?


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