Too Long!

What started as a couple days off on the blog turned into a MONTH of no updates!  I apologize to anyone who was following this for the lack of writing.

The good news?  I’m back and haven’t given up on my quest for a hot bod.

Things have been going extremely well for me on the plan and I’m currently down a total of 14.4 lbs since starting the program on February 27th!

During the week of my last entry (April 12th), I ended the week with a 1 lb gain.  I was pretty upset about it but did a great job of brushing it off and moving forward.  I was more concerned about my upcoming vacation away to the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA with my sweetie!

As stoked as I was to be living the good life at The Palladium photographing bands (which you can see evidence of here), shooting the shit, and rocking the hell out for a couple of days, I was really concerned about what we’d be eating.  We went to the same event last year and discovered that Worcester (at least the area we were in Downtown) was pretty vacant when it came to healthy and sensible food.

Our first day in town, we were famished and ended up going to the restaurant inside the hotel: Pizzeria UNO.  Since it was happy hour, we got a bunch of mini-appetizers and chowed down.  Although everything tasted great, it didn’t leave me feeling good.  And I stopped eating way before our plates were cleaned because I didn’t want anymore.  And the taste of the food lingered in my mouth for a solid 1.5 days!  Yuck!

We did end up treating ourselves to some ridiculous foods (like a piece of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar, drippy pepperoni pizza, and ice cream) but instead of having one or two of everything for ourselves, we would share 1 item.  Even when we ended up eating at the 24 hour Denny’s at 3am, I found myself ordering egg whites and asking Anthony if he wanted the other biscuit on my plate.

We were off plan until around the following Tuesday (about an entire week!) so I was nervous about facing the scale on Saturday.  Not only had I been off plan and eating whatever for a week, but I just got my period which basically guarantees a gain.  Anthony was taking his GMAT on Saturday so I had to go alone to WW and felt really vulnerable without my partner in crime.  I stepped up to the scale and was prepared for the absolute worst.  I already prepared to tell the weigh-in rep that I expected a big gain for a variety of reasons and had a plan of action in place for the following week.

“Wow…” she said in a surprised tone.

My stomach dropped as I stared off into space wishing Anthony was by my side.

“You lost 4.2 lbs this week!” she said.

I smacked my hands on the counter top. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I said.


I was ecstatic and so was everyone there.  During the meeting, I shared my victory with everyone and they applauded me.  It felt so good and was so awesome all over!

Because of my big loss, I was afraid that the next weigh-in would mean a gain.  NOPE!  I lost another 2 lbs, bringing me down to 179.2 lbs!  I haven’t been in the 170s for about 1.5 years so this is pretty majah!

Another majah thing?  People around me have started noticing and complimenting me and my changing body.  It’s pretty damn cool.

So now we’re all caught up.  I’ll be writing in here much more often as promised.  Thanks for sticking by me and reading as always!


One response to “Too Long!

  1. great job, I’m proud of you both! Love ya, dad

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