Feeling Good

I made an impromptu trip home to Pennslyvania with my brother, Melanie (his awesome wifey/my sister who is also doing WW), and baby Lilly (who isn’t really a baby anymore since she’s going to be 2 soon!) on Sunday since Anthony had family stuff to take care of all day.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect food-wise but definitely didn’t expect the ridiculously decadent (and un-Point friendly) lunch that was served.  Throughout the day I ended up picking at some chips and discovering that 1 Dunkin Donuts Munchkin is 1 Point (I only had 2 thankfully).  Dinner was pretty wholesome and dessert wasn’t insane which made up for the crazy lunch that was served.

As much as I didn’t want to write it all down, I did.  I did some rough estimates of portion sizes and Points to see where I was at.  The bad news was that I ate an estimated extra 22 Points on Sunday.  The good news is that I wrote it all down instead of throwing caution into the wind AND didn’t do as badly as I thought!  I also didn’t just say, “It’s all my Points so I don’t care what I eat.”  Instead, I held myself accountable and learned a lot.

Back on track like usual today since it’s Monday.  I tried a Chobani pomegranate yogurt (4 pts) with my usual 1 cup of Cheerios (2 pts) and it was pretty good.  My only complaint?  The yogurt has actual pieces of pom in it so there are SEEDS you have to either carefully pick out or chomp around. Lunch was a Roll Up (2 pts) with some fresh turkey breast (3 points), a light Laughing Cow cheese wedge (1 pt) with mustard (0 pts).  Snack was an apple (1 pt) since I was starving at one point.  Dinner was a leftover chicken breast (4 pts) with some leftover foul (a bean salad type thing) from a Lebanese restaurant (counted as 2 pts),  3 baked falafels (2 pts), and some homemade honey mustard (1 pt).  I used all my daily Points up but may have to have a 2 pt Klondike bar or some decaf Chai later tonight.

I did the 30/30 class again today and it was good (even though my shins started hurting mid-way through for no good reason).  The good news is that I’m finally getting the step call outs and moves down…The bad news is that the instructor is not teaching the class anymore since the original instructor’s coming back.  I only took the class once with the original instructor (who was 6 or 7 months PREGNANT at the time AND doing 90% of the moves with us!) so I’ll give it a go again to see if I like it.

This entry didn’t really go anywhere and I’m sorry for that…Just wanted to document thangs!  I swear I’ll write up some creative entries soon!


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