Crappy Gain

“If you have a monthly pass, I can weigh you in the back!  No long wait!” said the only guy who works at WW.  It was Saturday morning around 9am when Anthony and I showed up at our usual WW spot.  The line for weigh in wasn’t moving and I was beginning to get frustrated.  I decided to take the guy up on his offer to weigh me in the back.

“No don’t go!” Anthony said, “I don’t like him…He’s boring!”

I laughed and walked to the back for BG (short for Boring Guy from now on) to weigh me in.  I had great success last time I weighed in at the back area so I figured I’d have it this time, too.


Instead of losing at the very least that .2, I gained 1.8 this week.

I hate gaining.  Not just because it screws my confidence up, but it also aggravates the shit out of me hearing the weigh-in person try their hardest to be sympathetic.  Whenever there’s a gain, they whisper the number to you and ask if you were expecting it.  They all try their best to sound disappointed and sad for you but it always comes off wrong.

Like they’re mad at you.  Like you’re screwing up on purpose.

I know that’s not what they mean (and since everyone who works there is doing/has gone through the program), but I still can’t help but hear it that way.

BG in particular sounded disappointed in me so I made sure to mention to him that it was my time of the month to gross him out.  BG didn’t flinch and tried to sympathize in some way by saying something about how men don’t have to deal with that and that it sucks women have to.

After sitting down for the meeting, I realize that BG is unfortunately our substitute meeting leader for the next 2 weeks since Sandi is in Italy.  NOOOO!  It’s no wonder he didn’t flinch when I mentioned my time of the month!  Anthony’s assumptions about BG were spot on and the meeting is completely boring and very text-book.  We left after he wrapped up and I end up crying at a Dunkin Donuts on Route 46 when we stop for road coffee.

I can’t help crying whenever I gain.  I know it’s so silly and stupid but I just can’t help it.  I get so angry and frustrated that all I can do is cry like a baby for a bit to blow off some steam.  Like always, Anthony calmed me down and made me feel better so we could have a nice Easter together.

Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to stay on track this weekend thanks to my parents making sensible meals.  Although we didn’t track, we did eat only until we were full and ate smart.  We did indulge on desserts a bit on Easter night, but we’re just not using any Flex points this week because of it.  I’m exercising 3 times (maybe more) this week so I’ll be able to earn 12-15 Points easy to make up for the weekend, too.  With a well planned out week, a good attitude, and exercise on my side, I’m bound to lose this week.

And if I don’t,  BG’s getting a punch to the face.


2 responses to “Crappy Gain

  1. Dear Gina, It’s your Dad, the next BG,LOL. Sorry for the disappointing week but better days are coming. If you’re not happy with the counselors @ the WW you attend find a different location. You may need a more stringent approach. Staying true-to-cause 6.1 days/wk for a month or so will bring you much better results. Once you’ve lost 20lb or so then some weekday slips won’t be so negative. This is tough to “swallow” but believe me it will work. Try to stay calm & we love you both & are here for you allways. Love, Dad

  2. Our usual leader (Sandi) is incredible but she’s away on vacation until mid-April…That means another weekly meeting with BG unfortunately. Oh well.

    Gains happen regardless, though…The last time I gained I had an extremely strict week (weekend and all!) which shows me that weight is extremely unpredictable at times. Anthony and I actually are pretty strict on weekends but the last one was definitely indulgent (even though we didn’t eat nearly as much as we used to!).

    But that’s just life…Thankfully the plan is flexible to ours and that we’re succeeding on it!

    Thanks for reading, Dad! Love you too!

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