Easter Weekend

I apologize for not writing as much as I originally said I would.  I spend my entire day on a computer typing for work that when I come home I don’t even want to deal with a computer!  I’m sure once I get a new laptop that’ll all change, though.  And I have little phases where I want to be online all the time then I don’t so I’ll come back around I swear!

This week in food was challenging but I took it on without a hitch.  We went to an amazing surprise party at a Turkish restaurant in Union City on Saturday.  I refused to clock what I ate because we had platters and platters of incredible meats, dips, breads, and desserts.  Not only would it be REALLY difficult to track everything, but I also wanted to see how I’ve changed my eating habits.  I was happy to see that I wasn’t reaching for food the entire time because it was there like I used to.  I ate until I was satisfied and didn’t have gigantic portions that made me feel shitty, too.

The next challenge was the infamous Wrestlemania party at Anthony’s home.  Pizzas, soda, and dips galore!  We made some WW buffalo chicken tenders that rocked along with a big salad, which helped fill me up so I didn’t gorge on pizza.  I managed to have only 2 slices of pizza and actually had a stomach ache during the night because I ate too much and am not used to eating that way anymore.  It sucked I felt crappy, but  I would’ve easily eaten twice as much as I did that night a month ago.  It made me feel good to know that my body isn’t liking bad for you foods as much as it used to and also likes smaller portions.  It definitely makes WW a lot easier!

Eating during the work work wasn’t too bad, either.  I went out for lunch with a co-worker but managed my Points like a champ.  I got full off of a 1/2 turkey sandwich and a small cup of soup yesterday, too, which is something unheard of for me around a month ago!

I FINALLY got back into the gym twice this week!  I may go today but I’m still stiff from Wednesday’s work-out (jogged over a mile for 15 minutes, walked for another mile, then did an hour of yoga) so we’ll see.  I’m just happy that I rocked the elliptical for close to 30 minutes on Monday (sucky for me since I’m usually so good on it but that’s what happens when you stop going to the gym for 3 weeks!) and had a great long workout on Wednesday (which is usually how it goes for me).  Not only did my exercise earn me 8 WW Activity Points, but it made me feel strong, confident, and great all over!

Tomorrow is weigh in and then we’re going to my parents in Pennsylvania for the weekend.  I’m fortunate enough to have very supportive parents that refuse to sabotage our hard work.  They don’t cook awful foods to begin with (save for the occasional Italian foods and sweets) and are catering to our WW needs this holiday.  They don’t have to do that at all (I like just doing whatever on some weekends and then taking the week very seriously to make up for it) but it is much appreciated and makes our WW lives easier.  I’m actually making some mini berry cheesecakes that I found on the WW site for dessert and Mom’s making the WW devil’s food cake we love.  We’re also not getting real Easter baskets.  Mom will probably make us baskets but filled with healthier choices.  I’m looking forward to it!

Anyhow, this one’s been very wordy so I’ll call it quits for now.  I have some great topics/stories to write up for future entries so please stay with me!


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