Crazy Week And A Loss

Lost 1.4 lbs this week!  Down to 183.8 lbs from the starting weight of 193.6.  I have .2 left to lose before I hit a full 10 lb. loss AND a 5% weight loss goal!!!!!!

This past week was ROUGH on me.  I was in NYC from Tuesday-Thursday for a huuuuge conference.  I didn’t have the luxury of staying in NYC which meant 3 days of stressful commuting, late nights, and early mornings.  The conference was draining, but super educational.  I learned so much in a small amount of time but the week sucked me dry.

It also didn’t help that the buffet lunch that was served daily was 75% shit food (hot dogs, hot wings, eggrolls, pizza, chips, ice cream, brownies, cookies, etc) and 25% was decent food (salad bar, mini sandwiches).  My week was completely thrown off because I didn’t have my regular schedule to follow.

Even though the conference was exhausting, the food sucked, and my schedule was screwed, I was STILL at a loss!

I’m proud of myself for losing a bit this week because this was a tough one.  I know this next week I’ll lose more because I’ll FINALLY be back in the gym (after a 3 week hiatus) and be able to prepare all of my foods.  No more guessing and assuming Point values like I had to in NYC…YAY!

Tonight I’m going to let go and enjoy myself.  We’re going to a party for a friend at a Turkish restaurant that’s supposed to have amazing food. Since it’s the beginning of the WW week, I  can cut loose because I can get back on track immediately and “make up” for the “bad stuff” I eat.

Anthony and I went out for breakfast after our meeting today and had a waitress who noticed that we were on a diet.  She gave us some tips that were pretty laughable, but she claims she lost 75 lbs by doing her own thing.  More power to her, but I would never follow her plan of,”Eating all the foods you want to like cheeseburgers and chocolate  but not after 9pm and only eat half portions of it,” because it’s not a logical way of solving the problem to me.  You’re still eating like shit (only less).  I get the balance thing (eat what you want in moderation) but again, I just don’t see it as a sound solution to the issue of eating poorly.  Just my 2 cents.

She did give me a good tip, though: dilute a little regular soda with seltzer for a better tasting diet-type of soda.  She gave us a little cup to try and I loved it!  I’m not a fan of diet soda (gives me headaches) so it was a real helpful tip.  Now I can have regular type soda that tastes just as good (if not better to me) without a cost!  I have to see the Points value but I’m assuming it will be low.

Time to go and enjoy the day!


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