Honesty’s The Best Policy

A great friend/old coworker/woman I admire commented on my last entry which inspired me to write this one (thanks a ton, Rayellen!).

Rayellen told me that biggest thing she’s learned from WW is to really truly be honest with herself.   Not like she was lying to herself about anything, but rather saying foods were a certain amount of Points when they were actually much more (sometimes double).

I definitely need to work on that, too.  Even though it’s so annoying to have to write down EVERY damn thing I eat, it’s necessary for this to work.  I need to really truly look at the foods I’m eating, actually measure them, and count everything REGARDLESS!  It’s what I have to do now (and maybe forever) to get back into a body I feel comfortable, confident, and happy in.

Instead of underestimating items like I did in the past (“Oh this cookie shouldn’t be more than this many Points!  It’s sooooo tiny and meaningless! In fact, I won’t even write it down!”), I’ve now been overestimating to be sure that I clock everything the right way.  I don’t overestimate by much and starve/deprive myself, but I do add a point or two to items I don’t think are as low as they may say they are in my book.  Like the chips I snacked on at dinner tonight…Because I didn’t count them (definitely didn’t have more than 20 as the bowl was small and never refilled) and don’t know how they were prepared, I have to overestimate to be sure I’m not lying to myself.  I have found it to be helping me not only get a better idea of what’s good/bad for me, but how much is in a true portion (which is another topic for another day).

Along with being honest with myself, I also have to realize (and be OK with) days that I “mess up.”  Tonight I went out to dinner with a friend for Mexican.  Although I didn’t eat all my food (half was taken home), I probably could have made a better choice.  Same for the lattes we had after our meal.  I could have had an ol’ reliable beverage that clocked low, but just couldn’t resist the new Dark Cherry Mocha latte with whipped cream.

Thanks to Rayellen’s comment, I wrote everything down from tonight which is a big accomplishment for me.  It’s huge because I tend to not clock decadent nights.  I brush them under the rug and not clock them to sort of “pretend” they never happened.  The problem with that is that they DO happen and I need written proof of the slip-up days so I can learn from my mistakes to help me succeed on WW.

As scared as I was to see the “aftermath” of the “damage” I did (that latte was 7 Points WITH skim milk but also with whipped cream), I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn’t screw my week up.  In fact, I used about 12 flex Points and have the other 23 till Saturday morning!

Being honest is scary…And it sucks sometimes…But it’s absolutely positively THE most important part of the WW weight loss journey.  And I’m glad I see that! 🙂


One response to “Honesty’s The Best Policy

  1. It is so funny that I read this today because I was just thinking the same thing. The last time I did WW I underestimated my points. This time I am committed to being honest with myself. Sometimes when I look up an item it might say “2 points” but when I enter the actual info into the calculator it says 3 points. I am SOOO tempted to use the 2 points but I am using the bigger number.

    You are doing great! Your sister and teammate in weight loss!!! xoxoxo

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