Week 2 At A Gain!

The woman behind the counter whispered that I gained a little this week.  She then said it was OK.  That I’m doing the right things and shouldn’t get upset.

Well…I did get upset.  I got pissed.

I couldn’t help bursting into tears outside and crying to Anthony about everything.  I made sure not to cry in front of WW because there’s probably nothing more depressing than an “overweight woman” crying in front of a weight loss center.  You’re allowed to laugh at that last line because I am.

I gained .8 of a pound.  Not very much, but still a gain.

After a long week filled with temptations, resistance, and mucho veggies, I still gained weight.

This just made me angry.  I worked so hard!  I ate well (even on my birthday and in PA for a party with Anthony) and kept this positive attitude throughout…For what?  A gain.

I was so discouraged.  I felt like saying screw it and tearing up my membership and paperwork because it was only week 2 and I was already going backwards.

“Come on…”Anthony said, “Let’s go back inside and attend the meeting.”

So we did…And I’m happy I did.

Sandy (our WW meeting leader) always has a way of making me feel better about this whole process.  Probably because she’s so into it and has gone through it herself.  The meeting was a nice wrap-up of the Momentum Program that officially kicked off the first week of January.   This was perfect for us because we hopped into WW at week 8 so we missed out on a lot.

I think what got me was that one week was devoted to being resilient.  It basically meant that we shouldn’t ever get discouraged.  Just keep going to meetings and keep following the program regardless because it will work.  She told us a story of a woman who lost 165lbs on WW but that it took her ages to get all the weight off (not to mention this was her 12th time trying WW).  She plateaued a few times (and once didn’t lose ANY weight for 3 months) but she kept with the program and coming to meetings.  Eventually, she got through the plateaus and reached her goal weight.

Hearing that story made me feel better about my situation.  In fact, it made my quest to lose seem so easy as I don’t have to lose as much!

After the meeting, I chatted with a woman who has already lost a little over 50 lbs and she was so encouraging.  I also chatted with Sandy who made me feel better about this week’s gain.  With my side chats combined with the meeting, I felt a lot better.

I also realized that my hard work this week wasn’t for nothing.  Although I didn’t lose this week, I still accomplished so much.  I held back on my birthday from devouring cupcakes and Italian food at home.  I didn’t eat much of the bread put on the table at a restaurant and also opted for a lighter fish option vs. crab cakes/everything else on the menu.  I ate tons of vegetables and learned that my body does get full from them. I didn’t fold to temptation like I did in the past and instead found other healthier options.

I did a lot, damnit, and a loss with surely happen soon thanks to all of this hard work!

I’m looking forward to trying some new things this week to help get me down a couple of pounds.  First off, I’m going back to the gym.  I did a little experiment this week (because I was so busy) and didn’t go to the gym to see if it would affect my weight loss.  Regardless of the outcome, I was still going to go back this coming week.  Since exercise DID affect me negatively, I’m definitely going to continue to make time for the gym.  I also want to try bringing new foods for lunch and making new dinners with Anthony.

Sorry this was a long one and for not updating frequently this week!  This coming week is going to be a lot calmer so be ready for updates!


2 responses to “Week 2 At A Gain!

  1. keep your chin up!minor setbacks r common. i’m a pro @ this, believe me! This was my approach:6 days slip free, day 7 a little break(for 2 meals) & 1 pig-out! love ya

  2. Biggest thing I have learned from my WW journey is that i have to be honest with myself. I love love my red wine. I would track that I had a glass for 2.5 points. But what I had was a GLASS and I should have tracked like 4 points. By having two ‘glasses’ I tracked 4 points but when I woke up and was honest, I would track 8. I now limit myself and have lost the most by being 100% honest with myself about the wine. I also get tempted when my hubbly leaves M&M’s laying around and will sneak a couple. I force myself to be honest and write those down. I swear the biggest enemy to my weight loss is ME!. Keep at it. And don’t EVER beat your self up about it. If you slip on one day, just start fresh the next. WW is a great program so you are doing the right thing. Good Luck GINA !

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