I did really well with eating right today.  I had oatmeal with a banana for breakfast paired with some chai tea and a turkey sandwich with a salad and carrot sticks for lunch.  I think because I was having such a good day that some real bad junk sounded incredible.  Thankfully, there were no temptations lying around the office and I was too cheap to get a candy bar in the snack machine.  Instead, I had a cup of the General Foods Intl Coffee which ended up being 1 point and satisfying me.  It made me feel good and strong that I could resist.  It also helped that Anthony was on hand to send me encouraging text messages to keep me focused.

I did another food shop with Anthony today.  It took awhile, but we got TONS of great produce thanks to Corrado’s and their mega low prices on fruits and veggies.   This made for a healthier shopping trip because we bought lots of different items that are usually too pricey at our Shop Rite (like blood oranges and butternut squash). We’ll be hitting Corrado’s on a weekly basis now along with doing a regular grocery shop at our Shop Rite.  We got some new things at Shop Rite tonight (like La Tortilla whole wheat tortillas that are 1 point each), too, but didn’t go too crazy with buying since we’re going to be out a lot this week.

We got home kind of late but had a great dinner together.  We made chicken burgers (3 points each) and Birds Eye Steamfresh roast potatoes (2 points a serving). I made my burger on a light english muffin (1 point) with fat free cheddar (1 point),  light sour cream (1 point), salsa, and hot sauce (both 0 points).  Although regular cheese would have been better, the fat free did its job (even though I was close to choking on it because it’s chewy vs. soft like normal cheese).  I’m satisfied, but still have 3.5 points left, which is juuuust enough for a chunk of amazing chocolate WW cake that my Mom baked for my bday.

This one’s not too exciting.  I’ll think of something fun for next time!


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