Swimming in Some Decadence

I have to admit that this weekend I didn’t really track my Points.  You’d think that because I wasn’t tracking that I’d go way off the deep end with foods, right?


I actually kept myself in check and didn’t overeat/stuff myself silly at all!  I ate extra food on Sunday (my actual bday) but didn’t get as buckwild with snacks/dinner/everything like I did in the past.  I could have eaten twice as much as I did on Sunday with ease, but I didn’t…Nor did I want to, which is HUGE for me!  Even when we packed up stuff to bring home, we dodged the things we loved (baked ziti, meatballs, cupcakes) and opted for sliced turkey breast, veggies, and salad.

Because I ate some extra on Sunday and drank pretty hard on Saturday, I’m assuming that my Flex points are toast for the week.  I’m going to work out this week (at least 3 times), which will earn me some Flex points, but I don’t even want to use them.  I want to do this without Flex points for awhile to train myself to eat better right off the bat.

I was right back on track today with tracking and eating well like nothing ever happened.  Another accomplishment!

Anthony and I were “bad” and ordered Chinese food for dinner tonight.  Instead of ordering our own dinners and scarfing each down like nothing, we studied the menu like an exam and decided on the best food to get.  We got an order of vegetable dumplings (4 dumplings = 3 pts), a pint of brown rice (1 cup = 4 pts), and a quart of chicken and broccoli (3 pts estimated as plain chicken and broccoli is 2 pts and the sauce was recorded as 1 pt).   I had my serving of dumplings, a 1/2 cup of rice, and 2 cups of chicken and broccoli which was an 11 pt dinner that filled me up.  Best of all, I have 2 points to spare for a 100 calorie Klondike sammich bar! OWWWWW!

I had a few ideas for topics but they are completely escaping me right now.  Just wanted to give a little update to remind myself of the slightly indulgent weekend I had and how I got right back on track without a problem.  Go me!


One response to “Swimming in Some Decadence

  1. considering this to be a unique weekend, it sounds like you used as much discretion as possible. staying 100% is tough, but a consistant 96-97% works. Go Gina & Anthony

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