First Loss!

I nervously stepped onto the scale and stared off into nothing.  I was up there for what seemed like forever just waiting to hear the man behind the counter give me the results.

“Wow…” he said.

My stomach tumbled.

“You lost…4.4 lbs!” he said with a big smile!

I jumped off and cheered to Anthony about it.  The other couple people in the room also sent their YAYs and congrats my way, which made me feel really good.

Anthony stepped up next.

“Wow…” the gentleman said, “You lost 7.6 lbs!”

Anthony and I high fived and he too got applauded for and cheered.

Between the two of us, we lost 12 lbs this week!

This is an incredible start off on the right foot for us.  We both stayed within our Points range, barely touched our Flex points (the 35 extra points you get to use throughout the week…Kind of like an emergency supply), and both had moments where we ate “bad food.”  This program WORKS for us and I’m so happy that it’s giving us such positive results so quickly!

Going to keep this short as my birthday party is TONIGHT and I need to eat dinner, shower,  and get ready for it in a couple of hours.



2 responses to “First Loss!

  1. I know the joy you & Anthony feel! I wish I where their to experience fitrst hand. The great part of the plan(though I first used it @ the age of 19)is it’s more than livable, even back when. NOT A STARVATION OR CARB_FREE FAD!!!!
    We love you both & Happy Birthday! Love ya, Dad


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