Portion and Carb Control

Day 5 on WW with Anthony and all is well with us.

We realized how much we were overeating while making dinner last night (chicken tacos) and it blew my mind.  Back in the old days (as in last week), we’d make 1lb of meat for tacos.  About 85-90% of the meat would be eaten between the two of us that night and the leftover meat (if there was any) was used for lunch or snack the next day (usually eaten with tortilla chips/something just as bad).  Last night, we went with 1/2 lb of meat to see what would happen and it filled BOTH of us up AND without any leftover!  Crazy to think that we were eating TWICE as much as we should have been!!!!!!!!!

I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished this week.  Little things like not eating any of the  Girl Scout cookies my coworker brought in (they are 2 points per COOKIE!), not overindulging (sticking with 2 slices of pizza), and barely touching my 35 flex points (so far only went over by maybe 2 or 3) made me feel happy.

Tomorrow we are having cake for my bday at work.  I went with this awesome crumb cake from a local bakery because it’s yummy, light (as in not heavy in my stomach), and won’t completely screw up my week of hard work (like a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake would from past bday celebrations on the job).  Saturday morning I get weighed in and Saturday night is my party (where I plan on not boozing very hard thanks to my bday being the next day and not wanting to screw my week up right from the start).  Sunday (my actual bday) I’m going home to see my parents in Pennslyvania for cake (a WW chocolate cake I love so much that my Mom is making) and dinner (where I’ll probably order what I want and consider it my flex for the week).  I’m looking forward to the whole weekend and to the challenges it may bring.  Most of all, I’m looking forward to WW and really hoping I’m at a loss!

Before I call it a night, I wanted to touch on the carbs thing I mentioned earlier.  I’m trying to cut carbs out of my diet a bit because I feel like I rely on them too much for the majority of my meals.  I LOVE them (see previous blogs for more info on that) but want to eat other things along with them more.  I’ve been trying to have at least one meal a day without them (like the mexican meatloaf and spinach I brought for lunch one day) and so far it’s going well.  I’ve learned that vegetables are quite filling and are satisfying my hunger for the most part.  Same for fruits as snacks.  I’ve never been the type to turn my nose up to fresh fruits and veggies but I just never really went out of my way to have them.  I would take convenience over them a lot and I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore.

I’ll probably check in tomorrow but if I don’t, expect results from the first WW weigh in up next!


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