My job’s Pizza Day is just as glorious as it sounds…Free pizza for all in the office to devour.  Ever since starting WW on Saturday, I’ve been nervous for pizza day because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to control myself.  Not like I’d take a whole pie back to my desk and chow down, but I could easily put 3-4 slices of this pie down my throat in a heartbeat (the place we get it from is so damn good!).

Since I knew pizza day was today, I was able to prep and prepare myself for it by planning out the day. I first brought in a big salad in case I wanted to do just 1 slice and a salad.  I then thought of ways to eat around the pizza if I decided on 2 pieces (2 pieces of pizza=12 points).  I went with 2 pieces (1 with veggies, 1 with fresh mozz and basil) but ate both slowly to make sure I felt satisfied afterwards.

With a 6 point breakfast of yogurt, shredded wheat and tea and a 6 point dinner (more on that later), I have some wiggle room for a snack AND can go a little over points since I have all my flex and earned 3 points from today’s workout (30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the treadmill).   I’m so damn proud of myself!

Anthony’s out helping our friends DYNAMIS! record which is why I tossed this magical dinner together for myself.  I took some sauteed chunks of chicken (3 points) and melted some fat free cheddar (1 point) over it.  I then added some salsa (0 points) and some light sour cream (1 point) to it and ate it with crispy pieces of lettuce (0 points) like nachos.  I even stood and ate it over the counter with my hands for that “I’m eating something bad because Anthony’s not home” feel but without all of that pesky guilt.  This will definitely be a great go to meal for me from now on!

I mentioned working out above and wanted to touch on that before I call it a night.  I started going to the gym in mid-November to try and kick start my metabolism.  Since I thought I was eating well, I assumed that working out would magically get rid of all of this excess poundage.  Although it didn’t do much for me physically (because I wasn’t eating as well as I thought I was), it has definitely helped me out.  I’m sleeping better, feeling healthier, and getting stronger from it! I went from barely getting through a mile on a machine to cranking out 3 miles in under 30 minutes (I can do a mile on the elliptical in 9:45!).  I also can do an hour long cardio classes without my body aching for days later like it used to.   I just really hope that with WW on my side that the exercise will really help my results physically and help me reach my goals quicker.

Tomorrow I’ll give you all a recap of the day and probably touch on my quest to cut some carbs out of my diet.  Until tomorrow!


One response to “Accomplishments

  1. Proud, Proud, proud!!!! Love you! i’m back to work today, thank God. Dad

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