1st WW Grocery Shop and Trigger Happy

Anthony and I spent 2 hours meticulously shopping for groceries at our local Shop Rite.  It was fun, but very frustrating.  It was a different type of shopping for sure.  Instead of tossing whatever I wanted or thought was good for me into the cart, almost every item was carefully analyzed by the WW Points calculator application on Anthony’s Blackberry.  Anything that sounded too extreme (like 3 point cereals and snacks) was put back.  Instead of buying items solely based on price, we splurged on healthy items that we love and know will keep us on track (like 50 calorie Sargento string cheeses and 100 calorie white whole wheat sandwich thins).

By the time grocery shopping, organizing, and dinner was made (whole wheat pasta, sauce, and veggies), we were eating by 10pm!  I hate eating late because it makes me feel like everything’s going to sit in my guts and cancel out all of the good eating I did for the day.  Granted, there are no time restrictions on when to eat on WW, but I still prefer eating before 8pm.  *sighs* Oh well it happens!  Not like we both bellied up to chocolate layer cakes for dinner.

At the WW meeting, Sandy discussed something called “triggers,” which are basically the foods (or that one food in particular) that “triggers” you.  For example, Sandy’s trigger is cookies.  If she has a box of cookies, she will devour them all without thinking.  Anthony’s trigger food is probably ice cream because he can take down a half gallon without taking a breath.  Sandy said that everybody has one, but I really didn’t think I had one until I went grocery shopping…

You know how in Kill Bill Uma Thurman would basically hear/do this every time she saw someone on her hit list? That’s how I got in the store anytime I saw a trigger.  And since I’ve been dreaming about a bag of bakery cibatta rolls and a loaf of Oregon Trail Apple Danish bread (that described itself as being “decadently delicious”) for the past hour or two, I can safely say that bread is a trigger (or THE trigger) food for me.  I can’t really tell you why it is, though.  I JUST LOVE BREAD, DAMNIT!

The great news is that I didn’t buy either the rolls or the decadently delicious apple bread.  If I wasn’t on WW, I would’ve bought both.  Go me!  I’m also happy to know a trigger of mine to look out for.

I really have no idea where this is going but I guess I’ll end it with a question: Does anyone reading this have a trigger food (or foods) they just cannot resist?

Apologies for this one being all over the place…It’s late, I’m exhausted, and I didn’t want to flake on writing in here on my 2nd day!


One response to “1st WW Grocery Shop and Trigger Happy

  1. I guess my trigger would me starches, as with you. But mayo is a close second. In recent years Nora & I have had issues with sweets & still do. Working on that. As for mealtime I agree with you, 10 is way too late but sometimes unavoidable. I guess weekend food shopping is best & not when hungry. I like your cheese idea, it’s satisfying. Break a leg!xxxxx

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